Terms and Conditions

1). General Information

These Terms and Conditions regulates access to this Website/Software (also known as Service or Investment Platform) and your presence at it. We strongly recommend you to get acquainted with these Terms and Conditions. If you continue to perform any actions at this Website, you automatically admit that you understand these Terms and Conditions and agree with them. If you disagree with these Terms and Conditions, please leave this Website. You may work with the system, website and its services, if you are a legally capable person over 18 years old. If it is recommended you need to provide your real e-mail address in some services on our Website.

2). Disclaimer

All of the publications, materials, services, information and any another content of this Website, is available “as is”, without any kind of express or implied guaranties, such as the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, or non-infringement in any kind. This Website is not supposed to give any legal, insurance, tax, investment advice and do not qualify as financial website. Nothing on this website should be taken as our recommendation, or recommendation of other parties, to obtain or dispose of any security or investment, or to envolve in any investment transaction or method (you should treat this website / service as scientific experiment that may have errors). Under no circumstances, this Website does not take any responsibility for any kind of loss, decline or damages as a result of, arising out of or in relation with the performance at this Website or its content, or inability to use it and don’t have any responsibility for content created by visitors of this Website. Our Company address is Crypto Invest IU, 10179-10180 Hurstmere Road, Auckland dep. 80, 1143 Takapuna, NZ. Our Website does not confirm that the data presented as the content is decisive, complete, correct, or affirmed. Our Website does not operate in any fiat currency (eg. national currency as US Dollar, Euro etc.). This Website operates, inform, presents and shows content of cryptocurrency only (everybody can create their own cryptocurrency using free software found on the Internet). All the information on our website can be different that before. We reserve right to change rules of any functions on our service(s) anytime. We do not take any responsibility for deposited cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is not exchengable to any other goods or real money, any deposits values other than provided by gateway payment (including extra satoshi) are not processed!

3). Condition of Use

Every payment, content, advices, adverts, deposits is deemed to be a private transaction of this Website and its Member or Visitor confirmed and placed as investment of digital “points”. The amount of any investing determines the rate of cryptocurrency – no real money. Presented contracts may be changed anytime including date, amount and others. Using our service gives users possibility to enjoy their adventure with cryptocurrencies. We do not learn anybody but can give some informations that not always may be inacurate (we search it over internet). You agree that information (including any materials) on this website are only for informational and educational (experimental) purpose and not an investment advice / service. We do not take any responsibility for deposits and website functionality. Using this service you confirm to understand any risk with it.

4). Website Uptime

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate temporarily the delivery of information via this Website without warning for the website users or/and visitors. These actions can be caused by such events at the Website as supplementation, updating, deletion, modification of data or any other action. Such actions also can be the results of circumstances of insuperable force which include without limitation to necessary system updates, power cutoff, equipment damage to or breakdown, and natural disasters. We do not take any responsibility for inconvenience and problems resulting from such termination or suspension, even in the case of delays in obtaining data of the Website’s users. We have right to ban on our Website any suspect users or/and visitors (eg. hacking) without notice.

5). Services Violation

You agree that we have right, at our own decision, to terminate or suspend your access to the Website and its services, without responsibility to you or any other parties.

6). Users / Visitors Data

We might use cookies and cookies provides by other websites. Cookies are used to ensure secure, stability, proper working and measure traffic of our Website. We do not respond of any kind websites that services we use (such as cryptocurrency processors, analitycs services). We do not share our users names or e-mails. We answer in any question in 24h – in some cases this time may be longer. Any SPAM sent to our e-mails will not be tolerated.

7). Quality of service

Our Team, monitor this Website and/or Service 24h, 7 days/week and do all the best to serve best quality and fast customer support. You need to check this document every time when you visit our service, we reserve right to change terms and conditions anytime. If you do not agree with terms and conditions of using this website (including sites placed in this main domain, such as subdomains or folders etc.) please leave this website. Deposited cryptocurrency may be frozen or deleted in case of users who using illegal software, proxies, hacking tools, ip changers, vpn-s, scanners, hate speech, illegal content and others. Service provides is as it and may be shut down anytime without notice.

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